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Keeping Health and Promoting Growth
1、 What is EM?
2、 EM products that can be used in horticulture
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EM products that can be used in horticulture


Value and domination principle of EM
What makes EM unusual is the combination of aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms. The meaning of aerobic is living with oxygen and anaerobic means living without oxygen. The scientific world has always accepted that these two groups could not possibly live side-by-side because the conditions for survival are completely opposite. Both groups, however, naturally occur in the soil.

Effectivity of EM

EM is a living substance and does not work in the same manner as antibiotics or a chemical substance. EM increases the population of beneficial micro-organisms. There is absolutely no way that the same effect can be achieved with chemical fertilizers and agricultural pesticides. Artificial fertilizers act on the salt and acid content, which can have a negative effect on the environment.

EM does not kill other living things. It is a probiotic and works by a mechanism that eliminates harmful insects and at the same time stimulates the increase and distribution of beneficial insects. The advantage of this process is that no new anomalous insect species with even higher increased resistance will develop.

The effect of EM is accumulative. Results are dependant on application and area of use. Dependending on application results may be noticeable after a few days (as in eliminating foul odour), or after several months (in the case of soil rejuvenation).

EM-5: A mixture of bacteria, vinegar and spirits (alcohol) that acts as an insect repellent. Insects will be driven away by a thorough soaking with EM-5.

EM-FHE: Fermented Herb Extract. A bacterial preparation based on plant extracts. This product strengthens plants and increases immunity. Due to the large number of micro-elements and micronutrients, this product has already proved its worth as a plant foliage nutrient.

EM Ceramics

The EM ceramics are placed in water and have an immediate effect on the water through a process of resonance. The longer that the EM ceramics remain in the water, the better the results will be. The recommended amount of EM ceramics depends on the amount of water. The EM ceramics must amount to one thousandth part of the water mass. Therefore, one cubic metre of water will require one kilogram of ceramics. Where larger and constant masses of water are concerned, such as ponds or swimming pools, the amount of ceramics can be reduced by ten to twenty percent. Irrigation water supply tanks can be treated with EM Ceramics to improve water quality and a significant growth increase and disease resistance is noticable in plant cultivation.

Hort-Plus: A plant nutrient with a homeopathic base. Agri-grow takes effect by reaching even the tiniest particles. As with the other products mentioned above, it is equally harmless for both human and plant life.

Agrisanum: This product is unique, consisting of Bentoniet clay minerals and enriched with organic Germanium that does not contain any chemical pesticides. Agrisanum strengthens plants from germination to harvest by providing natural immunity to viruses, fungi and parasites as well as the harmful effects of flies affecting carrot, leek, onion and cabbage crops.

Grow-Best: A completely organic fertilizer for your vegetables, flowers and lawn. This consists of mealworm fertilizer, castor oil shoots, clay minerals, basalt meal, seaweed and bacteria cultures. Mest-Best forms the bulk of the much desired clay-humus complex which leads to a good soil consistency. Liquid and nutrient materials are retained.

Edasil clay minerals: This product has a tremendous swelling capacity due to the specific plate-like structure and is therefore able to bind together a large amount of water and nutrients. In addition, it contains all of the essential micro-elements in a balanced dose.

Ostrea seashell lime: One advantage of sea shell lime is that its effect is long-lasting and can therefore avoid pH values that are either too high or too low. The pH value is therefore influenced over a fair period of time which results in optimal plant growth.

Bokashi: This is a bran-based fermented organic material based on brewer’s grains for animals, plants and soil. Bokashi is a source of nourishment for micro-organisms that grow in the soil. These establish themselves on a permanent basis in the soil, multiply and then dominate the harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that are present.

Fermentation tanks with heating element and airlock: Plastic cask with electric heating element for a volume of 30 to 60 litres for fermenting EM-1 into EM-A. (Illustrated, right).


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